Knowing and controlling what the transport costs of your company’s supply chain are, is an essential point to evaluate the profitability of the company and if the planned objectives are being met.

In this sense, and to avoid mistakes when setting your transport cost reduction strategy, we make some recommendations that could be of great help.

Supply chain design

The choices you make within the supply chain must be made conscientiously, as anything you change in logistics or production will directly impact profitability. Therefore, it is best to take the time to analyze and redesign the supply chain.

Thus, it will be possible to distribute and link the different manufacturers, suppliers, carriers, reducing costs due to greater optimization of your logistics.

Make proper transportation planning

You must know perfectly the type of merchandise to be transported (size, dimensions, special treatment, etc.) in order to make better use of the cargo space that you have hired; avoiding cost overruns for spaces that are not required.

Be aware of what is happening in your supply chain

Know all the processes and phases through which the merchandise passes until its delivery to the end customer. Knowing what is happening at all times is of vital importance to understand the improvement actions that need to be carried out.

Choose an experienced transport company

It is necessary that you have a transportation service that meets the appropriate conditions for your needs at a competitive cost.

At Grupo Xpress Internacional we work every day to optimize our transport network so that we can offer you a safe, agile service with the support of more than 20 years in the market.